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Our subreddit "ShowMyTitCoin" on Reddit already has over 2000 members. We are men and women from all over the world, who like the idea of having a common to tip each other for being sexy!

Join us now by installing the wallet from , posting your Titcoin address on social media and ask for tips!

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Please let me know if you find any girls who are on Mastodon and also have a Pornhub account! πŸ˜‰ @PornHub

Titcoin is the for porn - tip other users for self-made !

We're looking to connect with other , creators, ... please boost, retweet, post, tell everyone about Titcoin! πŸ˜„

Titcoin is the first of its kind, and we're not giving up until students all over the world can fund their studies by making custom web cam sessions and videos in exchange for titcoins! 😎 ❀️

Naughty? Definitely! Controversial? Maybe. Tell us what you think!

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The problem with making a for is, many people from the porn scene are not interested in cryptocurrencies, and many people from the cryptocurrency scene do not take porn seriously. πŸ€” That's why crypto has not gained ground for pornography yet, but we're trying! 😘

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Who wants to play a game???

@yetanex has devised a game where one of us picks a theme, and people post original photos in line with that theme. It's a game of creativity, not a comparison of bodies :)
The winner of each round gets to decide the next theme.
I get to pick the next one, but I haven't landed on anything yet. Let me know if you're interested!

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Need help? Check out our forum >

Welcome to Humblr, the new Tumblr alternative for kinky minded people!

What is Humblr?

As stated above, Humblr intends to be a new home to all previous Tumblr users that were pushed of the site, by their new NSFW policies. We offer a place to post your photos, videos and stories, thus we have increased the default character limit of posts to 10k.

We try to be an open community that can be home to every kinkster regardless of fetish or tendency. That is why, we do not condone racial or political slurs and hate speech and mandate everyone to tag their content appropriately!


  • NEVER EVER post illegal content (includes zoophilie)
  • NEVER EVER post anything containing depictions of children! (including photos of adults that look like they are children.)
  • NEVER EVER post anything containing necrophilia or death!
  • DO NOT sign up, if you are under 18!
  • DO keep racism and hate speech to yourself!
  • DO flag posts that don't follow the rules!
  • DO use the CW (Content-Warning) function to flag posts that target a special audience or that fall in the taboo spectrum! (Hardcore TS, Scat, Blood, Piss, etc.)
  • PLEASE use proper Hashtags describing your content, so other users can find and or filter your content!
  • IF you automate posts, you may only upload one media per minute! Our servers will enforce that!
  • ABDL users should go to instead of Humblr. That site is more suited towards ADBL content.
  • Escorts and other sex worker related users should use instead of Humblr. Though you are welcome to have an account here to post content. You will not offer or directly link to your services on this website.
  • Link/Spam bots due to recent spam from dating sites, we will no longer allow bots linking to site or any links to dating sites.


Humblr is growing by the hour to become the largest kinky social media platform. Now it is your turn to be a part of it by signing up and posting photos, videos and messages!

At the current rate we are growing:

  1. 1500+ Users per day
  2. 15GB+ of media per day
  3. 1000+ Statuses per hour


Humblr is not owned and operated by a large corporation! Instead it is run as a passion project by fellow kinky people. Due to the fact that we run completely free of ads, we have to rely on your help to keep the lights on around here. If you are willing to support us, you can become one of our Patrons:


Some People will post content that is either degrading or not to your liking. If these posts are not specifically against the rules, please do not report them. Mute and or filter them instead! This can be done by going into the Settings --> Filters. By using filters you ensure, that containing specific keywords will be hidden from your timelines!

As stated in the rules, if you post content that targets a special Audience, you HAVE to check the "CW" button when creating a status. This adds a spoiler tag to your content. Please use it to properly describe your content!

Where is my confirmation email?

We are a new site and have been sending out 10,000s of emails every day. Some will get lost or blocked by email providers.
Please check spam folder. If no confimration email arrives after 1 hour, request it again here