Back in Stock!

We just received a restock shipment of our big, bold and in-your-face dick-centric jockstraps from King Dick including the King Dick Mesh Jockstrap our model Lenny is wearing.

Even better: you can get them for 15% off with discount code UROCK until Tuesday, October 15th.

Get 15% off store wide at Jockstrap Central with discount code UROCK.
Ends on Friday.

Save on jocks, fetish wear, exhibitionist gear, cock rings, ball stretchers and more.
Shop now:

McKillop Max Bulge Long Johns. Wear them as long johns to keep you warm, lounge wear for play time or street wear (if you dare). Between the uniquely cut pouch and included wide fabric cockring - you'll be bulging sky-high. In white, navy, royal, red or black

Holy Fuck! Look what we got!

Bike #10 Jockstrap by Meyer now in blue, scarlet and gold. When Bike stopped producing jock, Meyer, the European distributor got the original Bike Factory to produce Bike jocks for them - only change is the brand name. Also in white and black.

Get them:

Just in time for the cold: We brought our McKillop Max Bulge Long Johns back. With two secret weapons: a 3d pouch cut short under the balls and included ultra wide fabric cockring for bulging sky high. 5 colors available.

Jockstrap Central model Markus Kage in our new McKillop XXL-Bulge Envy Sport Jockstrap.

Fully see-through sheer mesh with super-sized pouch for all the big boys out there. Lots of stretch for expansion when you need it.

Get it:


McKillop XXL-Bulge Envy Sport Jocks - new colors just launched.

These totally see-through jocks are built for the big boys with extra large bulge-centric pouch with stretch for expansion when needed.
Get them:


Jockstrap Central model Markus Kage in our new Cellblock 13 Covert Jockstrap (with U-bulge system and snap-off pouch). Made with a slick n' smooth polyurethane with felted inside which feels amazing against your skin and your boys. Get it:


Finally! Our photos of Markus Kage in our new Cellblock 13 Covert jocks, thongs & trunks with U-bulge tech, snap-off pouch & rear zippers are here.

We initially launched with CB13's photos so you wouldn't have to wait but what's the point of launching kinky gear if you're not going to show off all the kinky features?

Check it out:


Jockstrap Central model Markus Kage in our Addicted Fetish Cockring Jockstrap. Currently on sale for 15% off. Bonerific jockstrap with suspended silicone cockring Get it:

They're back and better than ever! Plastic and see-through, McKillop Ice Shorts now with tougher plastic and reinforced stitching. Still as hot, sweaty and see-through as ever. Get them at Jockstrap Central:

Look closely. This happens with our model Andrew during all our photo shoots. I'm not complaining. Precum happens.

This is a closeup of him in our Raw Studio Cock Ring Sling. Great looking display suit for all you exhibitionists out there.
Get it:


Here's the deal: if you buy $50 or more of Cellblock 13 gear at Jockstrap Central we're going to throw in a free mystery pair of Cellblock 13 sports socks. Lot's of hot CB13 jocks and gear to choose from.
Gear up:

Take It Off Sale on now at Jockstrap Central. Get up to 70% off everything store wide until Friday, August 23rd. No discount codes, all products listed with regular price crossed out and sale price displayed in red.
Shop Now:

Jockstrap Central model Andrew in our new Addicted Fetish Double Mesh Stripe Jockstrap with matching Mesh Harness. Sports mesh pouch plus unique sport jock inspired double waistband.

All-in-one harness with a pouch that snaps off to reveal the Jock Armour cockring underneath. In back, the single neoprene strap disappears into the crevice between your ass cheeks - every move is a thrill!

Get it:

Jockstrap Central model Markus Kage in our new Cellblock 13 Sentinel Trunk (with snap off pouch and built-in Jock Armour cockring) plus matching Sentinel Harness

More of Markus and to gear up in Sentinel. Shop:

KING DICK is Here!

Dick-centric jockstraps and briefs now in North America at Jockstrap Central. Be proud of your penis. Check out the full collection here:

Model: Markus Kage (

GBGB 3" Classic Jockstraps V2.0 are now available in nine colors. True 3 inch wide waistband and soft right-out-of-the-box knit ribbed pouch. This is Lenny in the classic white version. Get them:

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