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Come home and kiss me, so i know all is good.
Slap me, so i know you own me.
Tell me i am a slut, so i know my place.
Command me into a corner just long enough, so that i start to feel like i fuck up.
Then use me like you want, knowing i am yours and that you made my day just perfect everyday.

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She wanted a chill day, hanging out at the lake. Now shes watching Mistress flirt with all the hot girls there, while shes just hanging out.

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"Little one work for Daddys cock, you can do it."

"But i cant reach it Daddy!"

"Try harder. If you really want it."

*starts struggeling towards the cock*

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A couple of years ago I started creating my own little memes/stories in images. I posted them on a specific forum site, but I have since lost interest there as I really don't talk to anyone anymore. Everyone seems to be interested in one thing, which does nothing for me. So I have deleted all my albums from the site and figure I'll post my images etc where it may be more appreciated. I know I am not super active here but I still pop in every so often

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We did a funny roleplay over the weekend, it evolved out of a silly joke kinda. We where messing around and i respondet to my Mistress with "Yes Daddy" out of this. She moked me and put me on my knees, asking me if i like to suck daddys cock, forceing me rough to lick and kiss her. Mistress keept riding my face really hard and told me to adress her as a male, she then put a strapon on and i found myself sucking her "cock" it was an amazing dynamic and i was in the process let out of chastity and get a real hard and rough fuck (as often i prepare the strapon befor she fucks me, we never did it like that before that we roleplayed that it was a real cock)

I cum a couple of times over the weekend always by her "cock" so it was a very statisfying roleplay for me. Normaly Mistress is not to rough to me even in subspace if we not actually in a session or i get a correction but with this "Maleplay" she was really hard to me in a good way, i got a lot of chooking and slapping just cuz Mistress liked it to do and she was hairpulling me like never before. Just amazingly hot and hard.

It evolved over saturday so far that Mistress keept the strapon under her dress as we got to a club at saturday night. I was the whole night looking out if someone would notice it on her, it was visible but maybe just cuz i know what to look for (i imagined that someone would notice and would be like: what a feminine shemale. This made me so fucking wet). It was for us both an amazing play. Mistress was really bossy the whole weekend and she "manhandled" me, told me what a stupid little millennial slut i am and that i should stay in the kitchen and let the "men" handle everything else.

We wanna go on with it over the week. I dont know why we never did it before cuz its so obvious now, how much fun it is.

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The second you feel this around your ankles, hear the sound of the chain while walking around. The stopping force of it, limiting your movement you get addicted.

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As the witchking captured her, the elbenspy had no idea what would happen to hear, after some days keept in chains in the dungeon of Minas Morgul she refuses to talk. The witchkink send one of his most trustet warmongers to break her. As the elbenspy smellt the presence of that Uruk Hai she feelt fear for the first time in her life. For the Uruk Hai it was a reward for his long service.

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