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Swami Vivekananda once said, "Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life; dream of it; think of it; live on that idea. Let the brain, the body, muscles, nerves, every part of your body be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success..." Take that advice and be a fucktoy.

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Maybe the permanently rubberized fuck doll will find, for her censored kinky Instagram stuff, a new home here.
Blind, latex condom deep in the mouth, breathing through nasal tubes - obligatory and daily equipment of Die Gummipuppe

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Just holes for Men to fuck - we’re objects for Men’s pleasure, and deserve NO rights of our own.

I'll do whatever I like sitting up in my bed, while you lie next to me in restrictive bondage or mummified for sensory deprivation. I'll control what you're listening to in your headphones whether it be hardcore porn, objectifying mantras or erotic hypnosis. I would also make the use of toys like a remote control vibrator or electric pads to randomly shock and/or edge you. You would have no idea if I'm enjoying watching you squirm for my amusement, maybe even getting off to it or if I'm just completely ignoring you.


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With every heartbeat she feelt her tight bound tits.
The pain of her aching muscles let her drip.
Her knees shaking from hours of paitently waiting to be used.
She could feel the crowd arround her, hear them party.
Talking about her sometimes, like you would talk about an object...but that was exactly was she was, an object.

There be nothing more enticing to your Master than being bound and vulnerable. The predator inside him should recognize the easy opportunity to feed his lustful hunger to use your holes. If you're a human fucktoy, who's soul purpose is to be used and abused, this state suits you the best.

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It's a great feeling when you get your fuckslave to hit that final orgasm that just breaks their brain and makes them enter acceptance. When they finally stop struggling and learn to love their place as a piece of fuckmeat for all cock.

#bdsm #gag #fuckdoll #sexslave #rough #abused #degraded

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I assume, you're living a lifestyle contrary to the one that you desire. You're living for yourself, as a member of an egalitarian, everyone's equal, society. It feels wrong doesn't it? What you need is a life of sexual servitude, to live for someone else, specifically a male who can manage your life for you. Someone who can take over the responsibility of taking care of your body and mind. In return, he will own ounce of you. Your everything will belong to him. This is a huge departure from the societal norms and rules that currently mold your mental environment. Your current self will need to be destroyed, so that it can be rebuilt. It will take an array of mental techniques to weaken the walls that hold your worldview, demolish its foundation and establish one much more well suited to your new lifestyle. Rules, protocols, mantras and rituals will establish the pavlovian response, shut down your higher thoughts. Rely on trained responses. Obedience training, discipline and strict accountability will keep you on the right track. Humiliation, degradation, forced orgasms, and sadomasochism will push you to edge where your current worldview is most vulnerable. You might not be fully on board. That's okay, all you need to be is receptive to the idea. Are you?

I've been secretly obsessed with BDSM since a very young age and it took me a long time to realize that I couldn't just hide it away and live a normal, vanilla life. I'm glad I've embraced this side of myself and you should too. It's the first step to becoming the real you. Be what you were always meant to be. Listen to the little voice in your head that tells you to let it all go and be the biggest, dumb slut, fuckmeat toy, no limit slave. Just accept that you'll never be satisfied until you are and never look back.

If you're interested in training to become a slut, a whore, a tool for sex, then it's just a matter of realising what you already are. Normal people don't desire the things that you do. You were always meant to be a human shaped fuck toy. External forces have trained you to think that you aren't. Slut training is a just a matter of undoing years of conditioning to the contrary. Trust in your body, ignore your inhibitions and shed your dignity.

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I embrace what i am.
I am my Mistress fucktoy.
I am my Mistress property.
I am my Mistress slave.
I have no rights beside the one to serve her.
I am not allowed to cum or take pleasure out of my sexuall service to her without her permission.
I am not allowed to take out my buttplug without permission, except for the short time using the restroom
I am always cleaned, shaved and ready to please her.
I am not just her sexslave, but also her servant. Her pleasure and wellbeing are my everyday task and duty.
I am responsible for taking care of her home, to clean and cook.
I am not allowed to possess anything, everything i wear or use belongs to my Mistress.
I am greatfull for everything i got from her.
I am not worthy to belong to her, that she keeps me is the most precious gift i ever will revieve.
I am her slut.

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To serve your Mistress, to make her Happy, to be available, respectful and made her feel like a true Queen is all i desire. To surprise her with something very small and little just to see her smile. To act helpless and lost so she can boss me and tell me what a silly little slut i am. The true power of a submissive is to play a roll apealing to her Mistress and over time the roll becomes your identity hidden under a mask you put on for society. The new roll i play is that i am a independent young woman. I am not and i dont want to be that woman. I just want to be my Mistress silly little fucktoy. To be enslaved fully.

The simple truth is. Vanilla stuff scares me, it feels more and more uncompftable to act "Normal" to pretend to be normal. It hurts to be away from my Mistress, i feel unsafe without her. I think thats one of the points vanillas are so scared of with "bdsm" that the sub becomes dependent on the Dom, i am not scared of it, not at all. In the last couple months i feel it more strong than ever before: I dont want to be interpendent anymore, not for a second. The time i have to pretend to be fine on my own the freak inside of me screams 'i am not'

I am a freak and i am very proud of being one.

Being a freak makes me happy.


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