Every once in a great while I will run into accidental straight porn that somehow got hoovered into the immense pile of files I ganked from Tumblr before the diaspora began. So, titty-fucking, huh. Honestly all I can think about while seeing it is just the sound of two balloons being squeezed together. It doesn't do anything for me. After the humor of the squeaking noise is done, my concern is "man alive, they are going to pop at some point." and then I giggle, "heh, a gif."

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Sorting through porn when idle, and run across this big mean looking fellow just clad in trackies. This would usually win a spot in my collection, but then I look at his hands, and then his fingers. Looks like they got crushed and then reformed in a sausage making machine. So, off to the bin. Funny what you notice that turns something fine into sludge. Like seeing a super hot guy put a cigarette in his mouth. Well, that's done now. LOL.

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Sometimes I wonder where all these kinks come from. LOL.

Kinda funny, got ghosted after a lot of hot chat and ended up discovering I have a kink for masks in the process. I count that as a definite win. I don't care about the ghosting, but hey, I picked up a new kink that I love. So win all over!

Then again, all this inspiration is going to make a mess of me later tonight. Been eight days edging, so I'm pretty much climbing the walls. Expecting a significant nut.

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