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An explanation how a romantic sadomasochistic D/s realationship works (for us)

First, i am not a service masochist, i like to recieve pain because of the pain itself, so does my Mistress like to inflict consensual pain on me. We practicing a form of RACK where i still have a safewort but barely use it. Given to the long time Mistress and i practicing SM together, she knows when to stop.
To put it in words. I want to be beaten up, verbal degradet, humiliated and handled like a piece of trash and my Mistress want to do exactly all this to me. This extreme way of giving in to our both sexuall desire is completly cut off from every other daylie D/s or playsessions we do and ofc aswell from our daylielife as couple. In our daylielife we practice a soft 24/7 D/s by keeping the dynamic but still being practical about me working, doing sport and so on.
I worship her, be as devot and respectfull as i can be to make her feel good in her roll because thats what turns her on, aswell i am in very basic aspects of my daylielife restrictet and needs her permission to do things like buying stuff, what i am allowed to wear or if i am allowed to go out for example. Basically everything i like or is considered a priviledge can be taken away from me for punishment matters or just because Mistress likes me to feel her controll.
To make her happy and feel safe while she's topping me and that includes our hard SM is to let her know that i am okay if shes pushing me really hard to my limit, beyond the boundrys we set. As a sub i am like her as my Dom responsible for communication cuz my Mistress is getting to her limit too. She makes for me very hurtfull mistakes due to that we explore everything together. Everytime something is new for me, its also new for her. For example we are just starting into using ropes and basically learning everything about it from scraps, you can imagine that a improper placed rope starting to cut of blood circulation or an imprecise stroke with the cane hitting a bone are very hurtfull in a bad way. My mistress feels bad if she's making a mistake and hurt me in a bad way. Ther is nothing to forgive on my end, but she feels better if i tell her everything is ok. To be in a romantic realationship besides being giver and reciever in an SM realationship means to always strictly seperate both of them, while our D/s lifestyle has no really boundrys towards our romantic one, more is a mayor part of it, the SM part stops with the end of the session, turning into intensive aftercare in an soft D/s enviroment.
A Dom is learning everyday like the sub and the important thing is not to be perfect and never made a mistake, but to react in the right way, and Mistress never failed me in that point.
Alot of mistakes happen over the years, some are very hurtfull ending for me in two cases even in the ER but she always did all in her power to put me out of the bad situation immediately. To hold and compfort me the second i was out of danger, or just couldnt handle more thats for me the important thing, making a good Dom i trust in every situation. A bad situation can so turn into a trust building one and in most cases we proceed after we both calmed down.
As her girlfrind i support her while she studies, be there for her if she needs some advice, just wanna trashtalk about others, or just hold her in a difficulty moment and let her feel safe when she needs to cry. We never wanted to sacrifice anything important in our realationship like being ther for each other to fit into BDSM steriotypes, thats why i think it works out so well for now a little more then 6 years, its for us completly ok to step out of our rolls if one of us needs it. We never rushed things, we met as we both were 19 since then we tryt out everything always agreed to limits just to overcome them eventually, if something dosnt work for us we stop doing it. As example i was for some times sleeping on a plank bed in another room it was meant to let me more feel like a object gets put away if its not needet. In theory it made especially me horny as fuck to be treatet like that but in practice we both not enjoyt it and Mistress stopt it after about 2 weeks. To be near each other at night was way more important for us then we thought. Nothing is ever writen in stone for us, reality sometimes crushes on you for example. In the morning you make plans for a weekday session after work. You get home. Ready up, waiting for her but not your Mistress comes home, but your girlfriend and she needs you more than you need her as your Mistress rn, she just needs you to talk or to cuddle and eat a lot of icecream. For us thats perfect.

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Anything goes. I promise to answer anything and like its anonymously.

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Our New Year Goals.

After starting this year with such a blast last night, it was clearly intended by my Mistress to reward me for the progress i made over the last year and to let me feel the pleasure of cuming and dominate in a way it will not happen again in a while.

I am back in my chastity belt now. Chastity is the next big goal this year, besides all the other things we want to accomplish, this is the important one. My mistress and i want to deepen my submissive state and one big goal is to made me a less selfish sub. Starting today i will wear my chastity belt not only weekdays but also on the Weekends, from now an i will have to use my safeword to be let out of the belt. All of this aims to extend my periods of denial more and more over the next year.
I am still allowed to cum with permission but not by stimulating my pussy or clitores in any form and its very hard for me to cum through my ass, i am really into anal, but to cum i need the "support" on my pussy. It will be a very interresting change in being a sub aswell in having sex for me.

We talked alot the last weeks about this step and my mistress made it very clear that she will enforce this new rule no matter how much i will beg, so i will have to use my safeword to be let out. As masochist for me is my safeword to stop something i cant endure anymore no matter how hard i try to, i am not willing to use it just because i am greedy and selfish, it would dissapoint me in the end much more then my Mistress.

My Mistress will after a appropiated time, let me out on her end, if she sees i truly made progress and try'd my best. For the first extended period she expects of me atleast 7 days. 2 more than i am used to during the week. On my end, i will do everything i can, to be the submissive she deserves and not use my safeword without trying as hard as i can to endure the denial.

I also had a wish i talked with my Mistress about, to get handled a bit more rough than i am used to in our daylie life, i felt not chellanged enough over the last months. I had a lot of freetime due to my mistress is in her last year of training and has to focus alot on her studies and as her sub i had to step back to support her. So we will work out a plan to put me in a more uncompftable situation in everyday stuff.

Again i wish you all a Happy New Year! 😘

Love V.

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How change and controll affect each other.

Change. Becoming a submissive is for me the biggest change in my entire life. Its not something easy to become. To trust someone on that level.
To be controlled, is a change with a very high impact on the daylie life, we both enjoy. For someone, who was never in a submissive roll, i imagine its hart to understand how i can enjoy some of the things i will explain in this post.
Just know to be controlled means for me, to feel safe and cared for and to be kept in my submissive state of mind even my mistress is not around. It simply makes me happy. The mindgame my Mistress plays with me is something much more intimacy than simple sex ever could be.

Change comes in many forms. Change of behavior, physical changes aswell to how you see or do things. Change is for me not something fix, its fluent. Its a process of communication between her and me to make sure we are always compftable with the changes and the controll i give up. The balance of change going for us more and more in the direction that my Mistress controlls very basic aspects of my daylie life.

Some changes are wanted by my Mistress. She tells me to do something more often becaus she likes it.
As example. She always mentioned that i look cute if i stand on my toes and it makes her smile, so i got really use to do it. Over the last 3 years it gets so into my mind, that i do it automatically all the time no matter where i am rightnow. For others it must look odd if i am stand on my toes without a reason i imagine. But if i catch me do it, its pure happiness and means the world to me.

On the other hand she corrects my behavior if she dont like it. To enforce the change of my behavior by correction in some cases it needs training. This includes punishment for misbehaving.
As example. She dont want me to swear and something seems so simple, is for me much harder than you can imaginge. I got a lot of Cornertime for swearing.

In other cases i change my behavior without regonizing it at first, or do something because my Mistress seems to like it but not told me to do it, or shes just not aware that it means something to her.
As example. Her favorite flavour is peaches, she loves to smell it, so i only use shampoo and bodylotion with this flavour, aswell as detergents and cleaning agents.

To show respect and ask for permission:

Basic changes in my way to talk to my Mistress, evolved over the years to a code, a ritual for both of us. The starting to call her Herrin(Mistress) in play evolved to the point that i use to call her Mistress almost all the time in addition to a more subtile devote behavior like standing a step behind her in public for example, when its not fitting that i kneel.

I ask for her permission not just for things you may think of now, like to cum. Its much simpler but deeper and for us way more intense. I ask her permission for almost everything and the point in doing it, is not that i am for example not being allowed to go to the restroom or to drink something. Its about the chills we both get when i ask her, and give her the opportunity to take the controll my Mistress wants over me. "May I" "Please let me do" and "Am i allowed to" are such amazing phrases to feel this controll and again, if i have to pee i ask for permission as part of a never ending rollplay and of course the answer is yes.

Controll is to let my Mistress decide and do things for me: Such as what clothes i wear when we go out or when iam going to work. Also if i am allowed to put on make up or wear jewellery in any form. To give us both the chills we want its important to get adaptet to it.
For examples. In a restaurant my Mistress orders the food for me, not becaus she dont want me to eat something specific, she knows the things i like and will most likely order my favorite one. The point in doing this, is to let me feel this controll of being cared for and not to make me uncompftable. Of course she could order something i dont like and due to, i am in subspace enforce that i eat or drink it. That she's not doing it leads to another important feeling for me. Trust. I give her in almost every situation of my life, the opportunity to hurt me, humiliate me or shame me even in public but shes not doing it. She rewards me by simply say "Yes of corse you may." or by ordering my favorite pizza.

To feel her power over me, when my Mistress is not around we use differnt methods. Starting by using a Parental Controll App for my Phone, not that i want something to hide from her, but even if i want to iam not able to. The app is for my Mistress also great to punish or bossing me. She can lock or limit my ability to use my phone nearly without limits. Including to see how long i spent time using an app, and ofcourse every chat. In general i am not allowed to do certain things. Starting by buying something without asking permission, its not about grocerys, i know what we need and just buy it. But for everything else i need her permission. Especially for clothes, shoes and luxuries.

I imagine for someone use to just do things they want, even if they feel submissve and devote it sound scary and overwhelming. So keep in mind that those changes were apply to me, in full consent over the course of 6 years. Five years ago, if my mistress would locked my phone i would totaly freaked out. To give controll over to your dom, is something you cant rush. Neither the sub or the dom can. I am in my mid 20 now, i know my mistress for only 6 years and i want to spent the rest of my life, so hopefully atleast 50 years with her, so there is no need to rush things. We have both extreme phantasies, things i am not even close to be able to take and endure, but at some point i will grown so much that i am, and also my Mistress has to be ready to take the controll and the responsibility for me aswell.

Trust has to be earned, controll has to be given so that change can apply.

Love V.


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A post about one of my biggest kinks, and the misunderstanding of being a sub in the eyes of vanillas.

One of my kinks, and a very important one is what i would call non sexual submission. Non sexual is not a good word, but i havent found a better word for it, cuz its very sexual and intense and comes in many forms. But its not sex or play (like simple being tied up and teased) at all. And its not even for my mistress alone, even if she ofc likes it to watch and command me if shes around, what then can lead to play but it dont have to.

Its to convert everyday stuff into a submission for myself. It gives me so much peace and chills, to do normal simple chores, as an example naked with a gag and tied up. No one has to be around. It does make a lot more fun if my mistress commands me here and then but its not the chill i recive. Boring stuff like doing home office can be exciting, if i do it in my sub safespace and the only thing my mistress has to do, is lock a cuff or tell me the position i have to do it and then leave me working. Cuz it is some important stuff for work and it has to be done.

Another safespace is to show me to the world as the sub i am. Society refuses me to show totaly open, at work or just in the grocery store that me i truly am. My chastity belt, my collar or calling my mistress Herrin (The german word for Mistress) in public is not something hard for me to do. Its hard to fit in and not to do, as i want and would do at home or with likemindet. There are moments this wrongful shame overcomes me, if mistress wants something "Unnormal" in the eyes of a Vanilla in public, but we all can agree i guess this shame makes it so exciting.

Doing chores like cleaning up or doing dishes its much harder to do, if you are restrained and its even ineffective and takes much longer, but thats not the point in doing it for me. The way to do is.

It has to be cleaned and its not fun to just do it, but you can turn it into something very relaxing if you do it in subspace or in domspace if you want to call it like that.

If you do it, ther are some difficultys you have to overcome. As example, you cant cook with a ballgag cuz you have to taste, so use a spidergag.

Basicly time you would normaly waste at home after you work your ass of, can become something good and can prime some kinks if mistress comes home and you are already in her safespace, the dominant part to.

We have just one life, and i think we should use as many time we have, to do what we like.
For me this "non-sexual submission" is by far more important as doing the actual play, its on the same level as aftercare.

The play, is the obvious part of BDSM (another word i dont like) the "porn" part. Vanillas are scared of this part, cuz they dont understand the symbiosis of what it means to be Dom and sub. Yes a lot of things are more sexualized as in a vanilla realationship, but not cuz only the dominant part wants it like that. Vanillas seems to see subs not as mentaly stable cuz they want to be dominatet. In my case (i point that out cuz i know thats just a very small part of the Community) to be physically and to a certain point psychologically hurt and pushed. We have 2018 and still the mayority dont understand BDSM is NOT Abuse. It makes me very sad and angry that people think i am a victim of my mistress. They take our almost 6 year long realationship as best friends, lovers and soulmates. All the trust we build being in both rolls; and just made us victims.

I hope you kinksters enjoy reading, maybe it even helps someone in the smalest way. It is very important to me.


#thesociety #lezdom #lesbian #kink #fetish #latex #rubber #chastity #hardcore #punishment #torture #sensualdeprivation #breathplay #pissplay #feetworship #enslaving #contract #slavery #maleslave #cbt #femdom 

#thesociety #lezdom #lesbian #kink #fetish #latex #rubber #chastity #hardcore #punishment #torture #sensualdeprivation #breathplay #pissplay #feetworship #enslaving #contract #slavery #maleslave #cbt #femdom 

#thesociety #lezdom #lesbian #kink #fetish #latex #rubber #chastity #hardcore #punishment #torture #sensualdeprivation #breathplay #pissplay #feetworship #enslaving #contract #slavery #maleslave #cbt #femdom 

Mistress is out all night with some of her co-workers and I am home alone 😪 So I will probably get to finish episode 4 of the Society 😈😎😘

True happiness is the person who treats you like the one you are not the one you have to be.

Sacrificed for the Woodsmen, the young girl choose to serve the old god living in the forest as servant and sexslave to prevent harm coming to her village.

Okay just had to post this, love our godlike D-Line this year. 16-0 and Superbowl easy peasy! Tbh we won it last year with a trash D-Line and without Edelman and Brown in the O.

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