As he continued to explore my mouth with his tongue, he moved his hands on to my panties and pulled them off to expose my genitals. He used his finger to feel my wetness and then put it in my mouth. Ummm, I tasted sweet, I said to myself. He saw my eyes shine as i swallowed my own juice off his finger in ecstasy. His one hand was pressing on to my breasts and other my vagina. I wanted him to penetrate me forcefully.....

With love ❤️

Serving breakfast to my lovers...

Whose hungry? Or would you like me to add this to your coffee?

Come and hug me, feel my lips. Touch my breasts and milk me.

Good morning 😘

When I was pregnant:

His oily hands gently massaged my breasts and belly. I know it will help with stretch marks, but it also made me horny. He could see my panties were wet. He casually touched me near my loins and i started to moan. He went down on me, his mouth kissing my pussy lips. Fucking me with his tongue. I lost all control. I wanted him so bad...❤️

With love

He touched his foot over my leg from under the table. Although I tried my best to not to think about it and kept smiling and talking with the others, but I couldn't help open my legs apart. I bit my lip and moan softly as his foot touched my pussy over my panties. I was wet. My friend asked if I needed anything. What I need is for her to stand back and watch as her husband would penetrate and impregnate me right there on the food table 🥰

Good morning 😘

I turned him over and got on the top. He gently pushed his tool deep inside of me. The excitement and the pleasure aroused me. He kissed my nipples and gently carrassed my breasts with his hands. A drop of milk on tip of my nipple. He opened his mouth and used his tongue to lick it clean. He held me tight and as he continued to fuck, he took my entire breast in his mouth. Feeding of me. I didn't even notice how hard he bit me until we were done😘

Favorite and Boost

This morning when I woke up, my shirt was wet. My breasts were enlarged with milk and it has been leaking out.

Life of a Mama

This morning when i woke up, I saw that he had a morning erection. He was still asleep and looked like he's having a good dream. I took his dick outside his underwear. As i held it in my hand, i could not help but lust for its taste. One small kiss on the tip can't hurt, i thought. I opened my mouth and gently held the tip between my lips. One touch and he ejaculated his load in back in to my throat. I swallowed. My morning was beautiful...

Favorite & Boost 😘

Last year, when I was about 3 months pregnant my belly started to show. I could feel my boy moving inside of me. That's when I stopped having sex to keep everything clean and good inside of me. But I was horny. My father suggested to play with myself on my own to help.That's when I started to masturbate and play with my pussy everyday ❤️

Favorite & Boost.

With lots of love

I was having this beautiful dream. He was making love to me on a sandy shore. It's been raining and we both were wearing nothing except mud covered bodies. He was pushing deep into me while he continued to taste on my lips. I was moaning loud enough for the world to hear. Suddenly as i cummed, i woke up and froze. There was someone's hand in my pants. I knew who it may be but afraid to turn around. I closed my eyes, again, and bit my lips as i struggled not to make sound.....

❤️ He was in bath taking a shower when his friend pushed me against the wall. He came to me with his rough hands placed under my bra. Pressing my breasts little too hard. I could felt milk bursting out my nipples. My pussy was soaking wet. He was bitting my lips and fondling me like I'm his property. I tried to get away but he held me by my hairs and told me he would fuck me tonight after my husband's slept...

As a working Mama, I seldom have a chance to wear something sexy, feel sexy. After the lovely massage yesterday i feel relaxed, or, satisfied you can say... I wanted to express myself here, for you. Hope you are watching me....

The feeling was strong today. I knew i had to be touched. Touched by hands other than that of my husband. I found myself difficult to breath if I don't do something about it. I headed to nearest massage place and selected an expensive spa treatment to be done by a handsome man. Looking forward to have my towel removed as he oil up my body. I'll try not to cum....

I like summer. I may not have most perfect body. I may not be as sexy and some of the girls I know. But the idea of my flesh being displayed, people looking in to my cleavage, people dreaming of fucking me senseless, it's so amazing. I was trying a new bra at a mall today. But all these impure thoughts made me horny that i had to touch myself in the fitting room...

Once he's inside me, i go in to this trace of state. My body is responding to what he is doing but I'm lost thinking about him on the beach. In that moment it's not my husband who is inside, but someone, i could not even know his name. I imagine the way he's fucking me right there on beach, like a hound taking his bitch, so ecstatic. I cummed. My husband was happy that i did. But it wasn't him that made me cum...

Wasn't paying too much attention. Lost in this erotica that I've been reading. Sunny days returned after a prolonged rainy season. It was a perfect day to be at the beach. Didn't know that i had my legs opened wide. Stain of my wetness clearly visible through my panties. My pubic hairs, some of them coming out the side
He was watching....

I knew he could see me albeit the thin veil on bathroom's window. I swiftly took off my clothes and let the water run down the shower. My husband was out and i needed to be watched as i pointed the shower head between my legs


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